“Very real, very shocking” – Catholic Priest reports possible miracle involving communion hosts multiplying

The Archdiocese of Hartford in Connecticut is investigating a possible miracle after a priest reported that Communion hosts multiplied during Mass.


The Rev. Joseph Crowley, who leads the congregation of St. Thomas Catholic Church in Thomaston, United States, announced at Mass on March 5, 2023, that a parishioner chosen to help with Communion that day had witnessed a possible miracle, news station WFSB reported.


“One of our eucharistic ministers was running out of hosts and suddenly there were more hosts in the ciborium,” a visibly emotional Crowley told the audience in a video recorded at the church that same day. “God just duplicated himself in the ciborium (a metal vessel with a lid designed to hold Communion wafers).”


The clergyman described the suspected miracle as “very powerful, very awesome, very real, very shocking.”



“It’s really, really cool when God does these things, and it’s really, really cool when we realize what he’s done,” Crowley added, addressing the faithful.


The possible Communion miracle took place on March 5 at St. Thomas Church in Thomaston, Connecticut.


The cleric later said that by the time Communion was over, there appeared to be either just as many, or possibly even more, hosts inside the ciborium than there had been at the beginning of Mass.

Archbishop Leonard Blair issued a statement to the Hartford Courant Tuesday, March 28, saying that if the report of the miracle in Thomaston is verified, it “would constitute a sign or wonder that can only be attributed to divine power to strengthen our faith in the daily miracle of the Most Holy Eucharist.”

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