“Very low-class people are fond of snatching people’s husbands and boyfriends” – Angela Okorie calls out Nollywood actresses

Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie had called out Nollywood actresses over their love for snatching people’s husbands and boyfriends.

Taking to her Instagram page, she called them low-class people with no pedigree, who are mostly known for snatching people’s partners. She stated that she waiting for the day they will speak out so she can drag them.

Questioning if she should drop names, she added that people like them are the ones giving the industry bad names and their partners in crime will be defending them.

“Nollywood girls and snatching na 5&6
Is either they are snatching husbands
Or they are snatching boyfriends,
they sha won knack who you Dey knack just to pepper you
Very low-class people with no pedigree, after dem, go Dey find respect monkey bananas
All of una wey Dey this table I Dey wait make I hear kpim
Make I drop una names local champs.
Na dem Dey give person bad names, and their fellow snatchers will be backing them up for the nonsense their doing Ndi iberibe, Ndi ala, Ndi Nzuzu”.

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