Vera Sidika back to kenya after spending months abroad


Voluptuous socialite and enterprising business lady Vera Sidika is finally back home after spending the better part of 2020 travelling around the world.

The 29-year-old globe trotter and socialite was in Nigeria a few days back and did not seem to be in the mood to halt her enjoyment session to return home.

But after scouring the globe and indulging in exquisite food and cultured company, she decided to come back home and lock herself up in her three story Kitusuru mansion.

Vera who is now approaching 30 let her fans know via Instagram that she was back in the country by showing off her well decorated bedroom and plash, green garden.

The breathtaking socialite was happy to be with her loved ones again and all she wanted to do was to have some downtime with the people she loved.

Vera was living a life fit for a queen in the US for about a month and she hoped between high end clubs while pursuing happiness.

While having a great time abroad, she partied like a wild child and made sure she exhausted all her psyche and strength before deciding to pay Lagos a visit.

And as we all know, Nigeria is definitely not Nigeria without a party with Vera.

Vera made sure she painted the town red while in West Africa but finally returned to the place her heart belongs to.