Valentine: How actress, Omalicha Elom got 1 million naira credit alert

Omalicha Elom

Yes! This is one of the best times for Nollywood actress cum movie maker, Omalicha Elom, who is all ready to have a fun filled Valentine’s Day tomorrow with her long time boyfriend.

The Abia State Thespian shared with Tontrends, her plans to rock the day as well as how she got a shocking one million naira credit alert for Valentine in 2016.

She said: ” Tomorrow, I’ll be spending the day with the love of my life in a very beautiful resort. My best valentine was in 2016, when I spent the day with the less privileged.The best Valentine gift I have gotten was one million naira credit alert. I hope before the end of today, my Val gift would surpass that.”

Recall that sometime ago, Omalicha Elom revealed she was single. When asked how she quenches her urge to lay on the bed with a man, the light skinned script interpreter says ‘no shame in wooing a man for that purpose’

Hear her: “Whenever, I need manly satisfaction, I would look for an old flame or new crush. It’s not so hard; I’m not a shy person. I’ll just walk up to the new guy that I’m crushing on and tell him I like him and want him on my bed. I’ll ask for a fling. We are all adults. After having it once or twice, that’s it, then we can call it quits and life goes on.”