Using salt to get rid of stubborn bed bugs, rats and cockroaches


With the outburst of Lassa fever, it is wise enough that one does not allow rats around the house.

I need not also emphasize the dangers of having bed bugs in the house. This pest is very difficult to control and it spreads like wild fire. Ordinary introduction of any property that has been contaminated by bedbug into the house can infest the whole house.

Cockroaches with their irritating smell are very destructive, they bite and also transmit diseases. It is true that some people eat them but most of the ones found around the house are contaminated and they are hosts of various kinds of disease causing pathogens. It is unadvisable to eat those kinds of cockroaches for any reason.

Rats, cockroaches and bed bugs are all difficult to control because they reproduce very quickly and as such multiply at very unimaginable rate.

These pests are very dangerous because asides destroying properties, biting people, they also carry pathogens and transmit diseases to human.

They can transmit diseases by direct bite, feeding on our food or passing their waste on human foods.

Of the diseases transmitted by rats are the most deadly and common Lassa fever, plague, rat bite fever, salmonellosis, leptospirosis amongst others. These diseases are killing many worldwide.

Bed Bugs asides their uncomfortable bites are also the lead cause of Chagas disease. They transmit Trypanosoma cruzi which causes chagas disease. This disease is one of the leading causes of death in the West.

Cockroaches are as deadly and evil as the rest if not worse. They harm humans in various ways from food poisoning to causing cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery, leprosy, plague, salmonellosis, polio and a load of other diseases.

Knowing all the harmful effect of these pests, the question on the lips of many is how to get rid of them. It could be difficult trying to kill them or even using certain chemicals. Most chemicals also have the tendency of poisoning foods hence putting the lives of people in danger.

There are certain home made mixtures that can help you get rid of these pests. You can make them and having them around will send all these pests far from you and they cannot withstand the smell which causes nervous breakdown for them and can lead to their death.

The beauty of this method is that the pests find their way out of the house and hence saves you the stress of having to deal with the smell of dead rats after they have died in hidden places like most chemicals do to them.

How to make the pest repellent

Get camphor, kerosene and salt and detergent.

1. Dissolve camphor in kerosene and spray around the corners of your house. The smell repels and kills these pest. It doesn’t have to touch them to get rid of them.

2. Mix salt, detergent and kerosene and spray around your house. This is also effective to get rid of the pest.

You can get a spray bottle for easy dispense.

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