USA streamer, Kai Cenat set to build a school for children in Makoko community in Lagos following his recent visit (Video)

Kai Cenat, a renowned American streamer and YouTuber, has revealed his ambitious plan to construct a school catering to the children residing in the makeshift floating communities of Makoko, an informal settlement situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

During a recent live stream, Kai Cenat unveiled his plans, drawing from his recent journey to Nigeria earlier this month. The American streamer and YouTuber commenced his Nigerian expedition with a gracious reception from popular skit maker Shank.

Nevertheless, it was Nigerian music sensation Davido who assumed the role of host, extending Kai Cenat a more immersive tour of the vibrant city of Lagos.

In his live stream, Cenat expressed his deep passion for his time spent in Makoko and underscored the urgent necessity of offering educational avenues for the children within this community.

He revealed that concrete plans for the school are already underway, highlighting the crucial role of collaboration in realizing this vision.

Kai Cenat said; “I have set the ball rolling on plans to build a good school in Makoko for the kids living there.”

Furthermore, he encouraged individuals possessing pertinent contacts in construction and equipment procurement to step forward and actively contribute to the initiative.

Watch the video below;

See reactions below;

@Buddin_Rapunze: Omg, God bless him! Hopefully he finds the right people who will show him workings, appreciate his efforts and not scam him.🙏🏾.

@iam_joshoodz : Hopefully it works out, the kids can’t wait.

@MrDwein: I think corruption and greediness is gonna step in 😑🤦🏿💔.

@Eastcoastprince: Now, that’s how to give back.

@ItzBarbieAlmie: Them no tell am ?… Those people are not ready for progress, Don’t even get me started on the tribal and gang issues they have, all that prevents them from letting people help them… I was harassed and threatened because i wanted to help feed their community… Most traumatic things I’ve had to live through… Take your money elsewhere Kai.

Qcash42916028: Make he sha give the right people.

@_Tri_stan: He is really milking Nigeria for clout because what ppl are you looking for? When you came didn’t you have ppl you stayed with and showed you around? Cant u work work with shank and others to build the sch instead of making noise?

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