US singer, Queen Naija shows results after Plastic Surgery (Photos)


American singer and social media influencer, Queen Naija, who revealed last month that she had a Brazilian buttlift and tummy tuck after giving birth to her second son, has shown her new body to the World.

“I’m really really happy about the results,” Queen explained last month “I basically got a tummy tuck and I got my hernia repaired around my belly navel, it would puff out because of my loose skin. I had really really bad fibrosis from the smart lipo I got two years ago.”

“I’m just really really happy. I feel more confident with my body and being a mom with two kids and having two c-sections and all the stuff going on with myself, I’m really happy,” she said, adding “I will not be getting any more surgery. I won’t turn into one of those girls who gets lip fat added and all this stuff. I’m not touching my face. As y’all know I got eye fillers and I’m never doing that again.”

The 23-year-old who is currently vacationing in Jamaica took to Instagram to share these stunning new photos of herself showcasing her assets.

See more photos below.