US senate begins voting on historic US$2tn stimulus package


In Washington, the US senate is currently voting on the historic US$2tn stimulus package. If passed, which it is expected to do, it would become the largest economic stimulus measure in US history.

Earlier, the Guardian’s Amanda Holpuch reported that Donald Trump’s family has been blocked from getting bailout funds in the $2tn economic stimulus package, according to a letter from the Senate minority leader, Chuck Schumer.

Schumer, a New York Democrat, wrote a three-page “Dear Colleagues” letter which outlines the steps the Senate took to secure the agreement. It emphasizes that Democrats will use the bailout to expand access to unemployment insurance and to increase funding for the health system.

As we prepare to report on the expected passing of the US $2tn stimulus package in response to the coronavirus pandemic, here is a video being shared widely of Bernie Sanders, formerly the favourite to win the Democratic presidential nomination, in the US senate earlier on Wednesday:

Aaron Rupar
Here’s Bernie Sanders pointing out the absurdity of Republicans clutching pearls over workers making a few extra bucks from the coronavirus bill when they had no problem with trillion-dollar tax cuts for the wealthy in 2017