US pregnant woman pregnant with twins, but baby girl disappeared in the body of the mother


The 28-year-old woman, KisLevonia Givens, is from Louisiana, USA, and just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Looking at the birthmark on the legs of the cute Payelon (pictured below), her mood was a bit complicated.

In March 2019, Givens, already a mother of four children, found himself pregnant again. After 9 weeks of pregnancy, she went to the hospital for checkups. When the doctor told her there were dragons and babies in her belly, Givens was very happy. She has even named the children, the boy is Payeron and the girl is Patience.

The doctor also told her that the two children in the body were slightly different in shape and that the baby girl’s development was not as good as the boy’s.Givens didn’t understand what it meant, but he also came to the hospital carefully every week for a review. At week 11, unfortunate news appeared. The midwife couldn’t find the heartbeat of the baby girl. Unwilling to accept the reality, she went to four hospitals for examination, and the results were the same.

Doctors say that this phenomenon is called the disappearance of twins. The phenomenon in which a child of a twin loses vital signs in the mother and is absorbed by the mother. According to statistics from Seattle Children’s Hospital, there is a 20% to 30% probability that a pregnant woman with a multiple pregnancy will have this condition.

How to face Pesings’ departure is a tangled issue. The midwife told Givens that the baby had struggled to grow in her stomach, hoping to survive, but soon failed. If this failure eventually happens, Pesings disappeared in about 11 weeks is a good choice. Because the longer the pregnancy, the greater the danger to another fetus after the disappearance of twins. In addition, if the fetus is too large to completely disappear, the mother will also see the baby’s dried-up body, which will be more severe. Givens overcame his sadness and worked hard to take care of himself. The boy Payeron was born safely. Strangely enough, the nurse found a birthmark on his knee that looked exactly the same as Pesings that Givens had when he was 10 weeks pregnant. Its existence proves that Little Persing has been there before, and reminds Payeron that his life is hard to come by and that he needs to live better.