US baseball player, Danry Vasquez is engaged to the girlfriend he was filmed beating mercilessly


Danry Vasquez, the baseball player who slapped, punched, and pushed his girlfriend multiple times in a stadium stairwell proposed to the abused girlfriend after his arrest and she accepted his proposal.

The video of Danry, 24, brutally assaulting his girlfriend surfaced yesterday though the incident happened in August 2016 (read here). Danry was arrested but was immediately released because his girlfriend refused to push forward with criminal charges and stuck by his side the entire time.

In October 2016, just weeks after the assault, they were already posting loved-up photos of each other again on social media. In one photo, Vasquez described her as “the person who is always with me in the good and the not so good!”

He added: “You are the love of my life and with you I will be until the end of the world princess!!!”

1 year later, in November 2017, they got engaged. Vasquez and his girlfriend are describing themselves as a “happy couple”. They had been dating since they were teenagers and the girlfriend insists the violent attack was “an isolated incident”. His attorney claims he was under a lot of pressure, hence the attack.

The attorney told TMZ: “I recall conversations about the extreme stress he was under and the pressures to perform that he was young. Came to USA at a young age with no parents (accommodating him) and no guidance … just his dreams. She never excused his behavior just loved him enough to believe they could move forward.”

Watch the disturbing video of the assault below.


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