Uriel reacts to Anthony Joshua’s ‘I can’t find a girlfriend’ statement


Have you ever been in a situation where you like someone but it seems he or she is not seeing or getting your intentions? Perhaps, just like Simi sang in her song, you have given the green light so much you just had to give up? The truth is sometimes, a window of opportunity might just fall into your laps and who knows what might just happen? On this shaky table is ex former Big Brother Africa star, Uriel Oputa.

It is no secret that the former reality TV star has a huge crush on British-Nigerian boxer, Anthony. On her social media pages, she has posted many times about how much she adores him, gushing on and on about the handsome young man. With his recent admission in an interview that he is single and can’t find a girlfriend, it seems Uriel has gotten her window of opportunity to shoot her shot.

After she saw the post, she took to her Instagram page to pen down these words in reaction to it. Part of what she wrote is as follows, “I guess I have to pour powder on my body and dance Zanku Zanku whilst chewing ugwu leaf on one leg to get his attention.”