Update: Lady whose boyfriend confronted her over her beer belly dumps him after his comments went viral


Last week, we reported the story of a woman, Shelby Johnson, 23, whose body-shaming boyfriend confronted her for having a beer belly.

The young lady shared screenshots from the conversation where her boyfriend complained that she was “definitely getting a beer gut” and that “if it keeps going,” he may not find her as attractive.

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Well, after his comments went viral, Shelby made a swift decision and broke up with her body-shaming boyfriend.

‘I want to update you guys that we are broken up. He was really unhappy and felt like shit, especially after knowing my tweet went viral. He has told me he’ll use this as a learning experience to be a better person. And here I am, single and free,’ she announced on Twitter.

Speaking about the situation in an interview with Elite Daily, Shelby who explained in a tweet that she recently came to a healthy weight after years of struggling with being underweight, said: “I was once 80 pounds, in the hospital having tons of tests run. Now I’m 120 pounds and immensely healthy. Whether you’re super skinny or overweight, your feelings about yourself are valid. Listen to your gut and don’t ever let someone tell you how you should or shouldn’t look.”

“I’m just really happy I can use my story to turn this into something positive and open the conversation of body positivity. So many women struggle with their weight and not feeling like they are enough. For me, this isn’t even about my ex anymore. It’s about how reaching your goals is possible,” she added.


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