Upcoming 7.00 PS4 Software update will let you play games on your Android device


Sony has revealed that the upcoming 7.00 update will be coming soon and it is sure to delight Android users as they’ve announced that Remote Play will be available for Android devices that run version 5.0 and above.

As you might’ve known, Remote Play was originally made available for Xperia smartphones, Sony’s lineup of phones and it then came to iOS devices.

With Remote Play, you will be able to stream your games (from your PS4) to your Android device, which will allow you to play games from the comforts of your smartphone.

Still wondering on how Remote Play works? Here’s a video on it where Sony use a PS Vita to showcase how exactly (RIP PS Vita).

Other than that, Sony has also mentioned that there will be an improvement towards the party chat function on the console, where they will double the maximum number of users from 8 people in a party to 16. Adding to that, they’ve said that the party chat will have better connectivity as well as audio quality.

The update is scheduled to be released this week. Stay connected for more details on the full 7.00 update.