Unfulfilled dreams of Jessica Elvis, late nigerian prostitutes’ president (photos)


By now, you have all heard that a lady named Jessica Elvis who is believed to be the President of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, is dead. Just this August, the Lady reportedly said that her dream is to sleep with soccer star Ronaldo and singer Wizkid and that she must achieve it before she retires.

Unfortunately, Jessica is dead now. The queen of the Nigerian red-light district was based in Ikotun, Lagos but reportedly died in a hospital in Edo state following an illness.

Before her demise, Jessica was famous for always leading protest advocating for the rights of Nigerian prostitutes.

She was until her election as the new president of NANP recently, the longest serving secretary of the body, between 2002 to 2015. She took over from the former President, Madam Efoyo.

Before her death, Jessica has one confidant in the media in the person of Ameh Comrade Godwin who equally broke the news of her death on Sunday, October 25th, 2015.

Above is allegedly one of the photos of her back which she allowed the reporter take for public view, as she obviously didn’t want to disclose her identity to the media for security reasons.

Here is what she recently told the reporter when she warn the election as the President of NANP;

“I want to let people know that you don’t have to work in NNPC or Central Bank before you make it in life.

As the new president of NANP, I will make sure our members are well taken care of. I will ensure all our offices across the 36 states of the federation start functioning. I will also make sure all registered members get ID card.
“As you can see, the world has gone global and we should also follow the trend; in this regard, we have proposed to launch a new website which will have the profile and contacts of all our registered members across the country. If anyone is in need of our service, all you need to do is to go online and make your choice,” Jessica enthused.

She continued; “Secondly, I will also fight for the freedom and security of our members. We’ve heard of cases of our members being molested and killed. It is callous. We will have to stop all that.

I will also try to approach the new government on how to make life better for us. We supported the president during his campaign. We even declared free sex when he won and we expect him to reciprocate by looking into our plight. We are also part of the society.”

On why she would like to make love to Real Madrid and Portuguese soccer star, C Ronaldo as well as Nigerian music sensation, Ayo Balogun, otherwise known as Wizkid before she retires. She said;

“Yes! He (Ronaldo) is my crush. I love him so much that his pictures even turn me on (laughter). I use to tease my colleagues that I must sleep with him and Wiz Kid before I retire.

“We (talking about Wizkid) have met on several occasions but he doesn’t know me. I even have a picture I took with him during a show in Eko Hotel, but he doesn’t know what I do.”

The deceased would never accept to be addressed by the term “Prostitute”; she preferred to be called a “Peacemaker” instead. She speaks about that;

We are friends of the society. Call us peacemakers. National Association of Nigerian Peacemakers.”

Askedd if she regret choosing the profession, Jessica boasted of her pride in her job which she admitted has made her so wealthy.

“Why should I regret what puts food on my table; built me houses in Lagos and Abuja and even trained my daughter in school? I have no reason whatsoever to regret…I have cars. I eat food of my choice. I have been able to put a roof on the head of my parents. I have properties across the country. I have clothing line and several other businesses,” the deceased boasted.
Jessica who also disclosed that her real name is Oluchi while she only traded under the moniker, Jessica says she gave birth to her daughter 15 years ago to her former husband before they parted ways and that the young girl doesn’t know her father!

Jessica stated that her bad marriage drove her into prostitution and that she now hates the word marriage with a passion.

Jessica who told Ameh that her broken marriage was a blessing in disguise however explained that she was a firm believer of Jesus Christ.

“I don’t miss church activities. Sometimes, I would declare fasting and prayer for business to come. Whenever I’m fasting, I don’t go out or ‘do’ that day.

May her soul rest in peace! Amen