Unforgettable moment Saudi Prince moved his head after 14-years in coma – (See Video)


The story of Saudi Prince, Khalid bin Talal Al Saud, is one of the unforgettable events in the history of Saudi Arabia.

Khalid’s miraculous life made history after he was laid on a hospital bed following a ghastly motor accident which almost took his life.

It was said that his father had believed in miracle and hence he let him go through the treatment which made Khalid lay on the bed for a period of Fourteen years receiving treatment without making a move.

However, ‘Sleeping Prince’ as he was named after the event on a particular day unexpectedly moved his head where he was laid.

This appears unbelievable, but it happened, he moved his head from side to side. This event caught the attention of Doctors, Family and friends who some of them have already given up on his life.

Imagine someone in a coma for a good fourteen years? This can only be a miracle indeed.

Watch the moment ‘Sleeping Prince’ made his first move after Fourteen years >