Unbelievable: Read what senior pastor tried to do general overseer’s wife


– A pastor has attempted to rape the wife of his General Overseer.

– The claims has generated an uproar in the church as members seek the truth

Reports suggest that a senior pastor in Asaba, Delta state, has attempted to rape his General Overseer’s wife.

The pastor whose name is withheld for security reasons, reportedly tried to rape the church leader’s wife on Thursday, February 4, but the attempt was foiled by the church members who were said to have stumbled on him while in the process.

According to the general overseer of the church who did not want his name in the print, the senior pastor in question has been his friend before he was called to the church to be his assistance.
He said: “On this fateful day, I cannot say what came over him, I went for one week evangelism out of Asaba, my wife with the children were at home alone, so I came back my wife told me that the pastor came to the house and attempted to rape her but she was rescued by two members who suddenly walked into the house”.

Investigation revealed that the suspect had called the Overseer’s wife on phone, saying that he was hungry and wanted to come over to the house to eat.

The non-suspecting G.O’s wife, obliged his request because he was a big friend of the family.

Sources say that on the said day, the pastor got to the house, knowing that the G.O was not around, and finding out that the children had gone to school, he allegedly went to the bathroom where the lady was having her bath and was interrupted in an attempt to get in.

The alleged attempt to rape the Overseer’s wife stirred an uproar, as members are divided on what the pastors mission was at the G.O’s home.

Residents of the area where the church is located are also concerned even as the church authorities are investigating the issue and weighing claims on both sides.


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