Una go hear am soon! – 2Baba slams government over education system in Africa


Top Nigerian musician, 2Baba, recently slammed African leaders on social media.

The artist who seemed to fed up with the way things are stated that the shamelessness of the African leaders is becoming too shameful.

2Baba called for an overhaul of the entire education and value system of Africa.

Nigerian musician, 2Baba, appears to be walking the path of instigating another protest march in 2019. Recall that the singer had many Nigerians supporting him when he almost embarked on a nationwide protest in 2017 but cancelled at the 11th hour.

Although, the singer since backing out of the protest in 2017, has faced his music career and family, it is obvious that he is still uncomfortable with the state of Nigeria and the way in which affairs are run in Africa.

Just recently, the singer shared two posts on is verified Twitter page where he voiced out frustration over the educational and value system in Nigeria. In his posts, 2Baba stated that the ‘shamelessness of African leaders is becoming more shameful.’

The obviously frustrated singer also stated that he is sick of people slamming him for backing out of a protest in 2017 and demanded that those who are not ‘cowards’ have sat back and not done anything and yet he is still being dragged.

Read his posts below:

His post had some social media users questioning his stance and some others supporting his position over the state of affairs in the African society.

Here are some reactions below: