“Una Dey Craze”, Hanks Anuku blasts FG over coronavirus lockdown


Veteran actor Hanks Anuku has fired the Federal Government for ordering a lockdown without catering for the basic needs of its citizens.
In a video which surfaced on social media, the actor was heard cursing the FG for bringing Coronavirus in the country. He asked if the government thinks the people are in jail and at such, are not putting things in place to ease the stay-home order.

“I dey vex for una, una they craze this government of this country, na God go punish una. You no know say we get children? Una no give us money no nothing you think say we dey jail? God go punish you.”

“Na una go go jail, una go die because of this Corona wey una carry come out country. Our children dey fine, we dey fine, na una wey wicked go die, God go punish you, waka“, he reeled out curses spontaneously.

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