Mum is horrified after she ordered a Unicorn cake for her daughter’s fifth birthday but gets something shaped like a penis instead


Alexandra Schroeder from Michigan spent months planning her daughter’s fifth birthday party before finally settling on hosting it at a local bakery called Whipped Bakery. She says it turned out to be one big disaster.

Schroeder says she spent as much as $370 to rent space at the bakery for the special event, and to have them bake her daughter a unicorn themed cake of her choice.
Things however began poorly when she arrived at the bakery for the big day. Schroeder claims the bakery only provided the party with one table and six chairs for a party of three, reportedly informing the rest that they ‘could stand’. When she asked to see the cake, she was told it wasn’t finished. When the finished product finally emerged from the kitchen, Schroeder couldn’t believe what she was looking at.  She said: ‘The horn came out in a shape that was so embarrassing.‘It had finger prints on it and was not gold. I could tell that it had been handled.’
Unable to hide her disappointment, she shared pictures of the cake on facebook and called out the bakery but they hit back accusing her of leaving the premises in a mess and claiming she still has an outstanding balance

Sorry you feel this way,’ the bakery responded on its official page. ‘We’ll make sure all future parties at our bakery have a contract signed to avoid this situation. Whenever the host would like to pay the remaining balance it would be appreciated.

‘Our bakery was left a mess. We’ve learned from this as well.’

In response, Schroeder said: ‘You’re not sorry clearly. I cleaned every surface and threw away all trash. Yes a contract would be nice so your customers can know how much or how little to expect from you and your bakery.

‘I paid my balance. I have receipts. You are so unbelievable.’