Ultimate Love: See What Cherry and Michael are Doing in Bed


The ultimate love show is getting more intense as new understanding and connection is building up daily in the house.
Some days ago, Cherry approached Michael to have a heart to heart conversation about his availability and if he’s seeing someone in the house.

Michael who was indecisive told her that they should let things flow naturally and see where things goes, Cherry was left on the edge leaving her to the other option in Jay.

But after that day, Michael has been more romantic toward Cherry, at sometimes he would kiss her on the cheek and hug her endlessly. The gesture left Cherry more confused like she really wanted to know what Michael wants.

Today was quite a whole new approach and a huge step up from their usual moves. Just minutes ago they were in bed together, having some personal conversation while getting loveydovey under the duvet then later Michael seem hungry and asked what’s up for lunch, immediately Cherry moved and climbed on him to go and prepare lunch for him before he called her back. Hmm…love is so sweet!

Obviously, things are getting more defined between this two and don’t forget Michael once confessed that he likes Cherry but from the viewers angle, Michael seem too confused in making a choice in the house.