Ultimate Love: Nkechi drops bombshell as she says Jay is not someone she would introduce to her parents


Some followers of the Ultimate Love reality television show have been insinuating that most of the love guests are not in the show to get married or find love, they believe they are there for the prize money and fame.

Well, that assertion has just been confirmed as Ebi who pretended to be fast asleep revealed a discussion that took place between Nkechi and Presh Talker.

Ebi disclosed that Nkechi told Presh Talker saying that Jay is not someone she would introduce to her parents.

This may come as a surprise to the viewers who have been anticipating that the relationship may end with marriage. With the latest revelation, we can deduce that some of the love guests are just playing to the gallery and may come dump their partners after the show.

The Ultimate purpose of the show is to produce a union and not the reward accompanied with it.

It’s obvious she knew her strategy from the beginning and acted on it well, so I guess ebi wasn’t telling a lie. There’s no way she could make that up out of the bloom and it’s obvious there are HMs in the house faking things just for the money