ULTIMATE LOVE: Iyke said he is MARRIED to Theresa


Ultimate love, the trending reality show right now meant for people who are looking for love or hoping to settle down with their soul mate if found during the course of the show. Something the previous reality shows have been lacking ..PURPOSE!

One of the couple who kicked it off from the beginning of the show IYKE and THERESA have bee showing us on screen couple’s goal with how they are always together, trust each other, and do almost everything together.

On sunday, 16th February 2020 morning, IYke, precious, bolanle and few other housemates were having breakfast and a chat when precious kept telling IYKE about how she likes him and like the fact that he speaks well and is cute, when IYKE wanted to defend himself he said Am a marri… man … u know where I stand . .. Unconsciously. But precious and everybody got the fist and shouted hmm…you are a married man… While laughing…

Iyke has been showing Theresa a lot of love in the house or love hub since the first day. This morning he was caught pressing her dress so she could look good… She was heard telling him she was cold…but to the surprise of everybody watching, he took of his sweatshirt, gave it to her and went to get another..how cute.