Ultimate Love: Iyke in love with Theresa’ s career not her as a person


So it was Friday, and organizers of the Ultimate Love reality television show spiced up the show by bringing Onyinye, Iyke’s ex girlfriend to the house. And his love for Theresa was brought into question as he was found wanted through out when the drama lasted.

Iyke’s true colours were shown the guy failed to protect the girl he claims to love, he was busy laughing at all the bad things the ex was saying about Theresa.

When Onyinye asked him why he love Theresa, his response was that she’s a doctor. Obviously Theresa’s career is what matters to him not the love.

Iyke never tried to stop the girl from bad mouthing Theresa. The ex tried trashing Theresa yet iyke was laffing, from saying she wasnt the hottest to teresa checking her back side to how she was hotter than teresa when their were both together.

Onyinye is fire! Iyke hasn’t overcome her mostly her soft skin. Iyke seems to be missing alot and incomplete inside him. So the Guy came to hustle and not to find love. And being a very young man, he knows what’s going on in his head should he wins. Let the game play!