Ultimate Love: Ebi deeply hurt by Obi as he threatens to leave love pad


It emerged that the official clown of the Ultimate Love reality television show couple, ObiEbi had a serious disagreement over Ebi’s drinking habit which he constantly reminded her that he is not comfortable with in the first place.

So after Friday night party last night, fight broke out between the couple that took the intervention of other love guests to step in. With both emotional and advise given to them.

Being emotionally weak as she is, Ebi cried her eye out uncomfortably which pronted Theresa to plead with Obi to console her. He was not ready for that anyway as he was lost in thought.

One of their strongest point they emphasize is never to share their personal issues with other house love guests. But it seems Ebi has broken it due to the heated misunderstanding they had last night.

She opened up to Meriton that she was not really angry with Obi, adding that she is hurt that he would want to check out.

“I’m not angry, I’m just hurt that he would want to leave the Love Pad….I’m scared of him when he’s angry and that hurts”, Ebiteinye added.