Ultimate love; Desperation on finding love, Sylvia and Rosie


Don’t get me wrong, Look at the way Rosie held and started a conversation with the new guy, looking at him with so much love in her eyes, and acting all shy around him not minding the fact there is someone who is willing, and loves her in that house, Or is it Sylvia thst quickly started telling him her life story forgetting man has been watching from home, and probably knows who he would like to shoot his shot at.. Telling him not to fall her hand, that they should please do this together, hmmm.. Do what together exactly? . It seems these women don’t understand that this is marriage and a man has lengthy characteristics In his head as to what he wants from his Ideal wife..

Rosie and Sylvia forget there is Chris who has been lonely and needs a partner. Why are people so selfish?

To me that’s been too desperate, If one man says he is not attracted to you that doesn’t mean the world has ended.. You are in Aunty’s house be yourself, when you come out you will see a man who will love you for whom you are.. No faking no acting cos I know there are actors in that house, who came with the intention to play games and get famous.

I pray we will never find ourselves in situations that will make us beg to be loved