Ultimate Love: David Broke Rosie’s Heart, Iyke Calls Theresa’s Name In His Sleep


Aunty’s love pad seem to be getting interesting everyday. Aunty’s love pad is the house set aside for singles (male and female) to find love, for those who does not know what Aunty’s love pad is. This is what the reality show Ultimate Love is all about, ‘Finding Your Match’.

Few hours ago, David revealed he is not interested in Rosie like he is interested in Nkechi right now. Their love seems to be waxing stronger that Rosie had to turn Kachi down which led to his coldness for days, this seems very surprising as many are not expecting this twist. We look forward to seeing what goes.

Aside the David and Rosie relationship, we see Iyke and Theresa love also growing very strong which made fans compare them to the BBNaija lovers, Ike and Mercy, their love seem to have helped them gather lot of fan base. Unlike David and Rosie, their love seems to be waxing so strong that we see Iyke calling Theresa’s name from his sleep, maybe he is seeing bae in his dream, who knows?