Ultimate Love: David attacks Rosie again, suggests she is desperate


It seems things are not over between the two former love birds, as David Wilson called out Rosie for acting desperate when new love guests were added into the love pad.

David Wilson to Obiebi: When Jerry come, she (Rosie) dey act a certain way, when Chiddy come she dey act a certain way. she dey do pa pa pa. you be transformer?

David went on to say that he confronted Rosie who seem to saying nasty thing about him behind his back after the nomination Sunday’s night.

David: I don give am back-to-back. I go meet Rosie say, wetin dey do you? Wetin dey work you? because I nominate you, and so? Bola con tell me say wetin i do your woman now? The other day I dey play with her, Kachi say you dey romance with my woman but na who first kiss?

Could it be that so he is using slanderous talk, hoping obiEbi will go and tell Roksie?.