UK rapper Stefflon Don gives Nigerian man £5,000 to treat mum dying of cancer (video)

UK rapper Stefflon Don

A lucky Nigerian fan of Stefflon Don appears to have received £5,000 (N219,2762) from the British musician to foot the medical bills of his mum battling cancer.

Steff had flaunted bundles of British pounds – earned from her music streams – in a video posted to Twitter indicating she was giving out £1,000 to her fans on social media, but with conditions.

“1 billion streams! But I dislike ni**as that show money and don’t give none so who needs some shmoney ima give away 1k today!” she captioned the video.

“I’m reading guys! I already gave away 1k on insta wanna do the same on here just tell me why you need it.”

Watch the video below:

One person was, however, able to convince the UK rapper to give him five times more of what was she had put up for a giveaway.

Shocka Artist, an upcoming musician, giving reasons as to why he deserved the money more than anyone else, said he needed to give his mum, who’s diagnosed with cancer and has a few months to live, a “good time” while she was still kicking.

“My mums got cancer,” he wrote. “They saying she’s got months to live. I am currently in Nigeria right now cause she came to see her mum I would love to show her a good time while she’s out here make this happen steff”

Touched by Shocka’s story, Stefflon promised to send him £5,000 – five times raise from the initial amount.

see tweet below: