Ufuoma McDermott Reveals How Much Trouble She Caused On Merry Men 2 Set


Delectable movie star, Ufuoma McDermott has stated that she was quite the handful on the set of Merry Men 2.

Speaking at a recent viewing of the blockbuster by Ayo Makun, the mother of two explained that it was rather difficult to keep a straight face due to the amount of martial arts and fight sequences she had to do.

She said, “When the script was given to me, I saw that my character had to frown all through the movie.

“In reality, though, I am such a laughy, happy person.

“For those who are lucky enough to see the behind the scene footage, they would see that I was so much trouble on that set.

“The director would say, ‘Ufuoma stop laughing, let’s do the scene’, and I would say ‘sorry, oya let’s do it,’ but I would end up laughing again. It was crazy, and it was challenging,” she said.