Uche Elendu slams journalists after getting lots of DM for saying she’s lonely, searching for love

Uche Elendu

Actress Uche Elendu has slammed journalists after an article was published saying she’s lonely and searching for a man.

The actress took to social media with screenshots of the DM she got from different men who are requesting to fill the void in her life after she granted an interview in which she said:

“It is not very easy not being married and not having a man. But I have kids, who keep me company the whole of my time. I interact with them, take care of them and teach them. As an entrepreneur, I am also about my business; making research and relating with my client.

“Personally, I feel the need to be in the company of a man in rare occasions. I don’t really feel bad because I am single, I know I would be in the right relationship when the time comes”.

In reaction to the article, Uche Elendu wrote: “In the midst of this pandemic, making headlines for the wrong reason is definitely not funny. I demand a retraction of this headlines @sunnewspaper it’s very misleading and an embarrassment to my family and I.

Journalists desist from creating deceptive headlines, it really hurts. The world is going through a phase, don’t distract my emotions.”