Ubi Franklin pens emotional letter to daughter Zaneta as she turns 4

Ubi Franklin (L) and; Zaneta (R)

Record label boss Ubi Franklin has penned an emotional letter to his daughter Zaneta as she celebrates her 4th birthday today 30th August.

The businessman who has four children with four different women praised Zaneta’s mother for raising his daughter and also playing the part of his role when he could not do it himself.

He added that she deserved a medal for all that she had done in her role as a mother.

Ubi in his message prayed that his daughter would become a good woman and also a good big sister to her siblings.

He noted that she had taken one particular trait from him, which is his dislike for the food.

Read the full message below:

“It’s been four years already my little smart and energetic zee mama.”

“Last four year has been about your mum and she really deserves an award for everything she has been doing and if we have to share responsibility she has done 50% of mine and adding to 100% she brings to the table.”


“The world may have a different view of how I have had you and your two brothers and in my heard I am wondering the best formula to live well in life and be a good father.”

“Many are in unhappy marriages and many fathers don’t even take care of their kids who live with them in the same house.”

“Many fathers don’t even take responsibility for their children or even try to have a cordial relationship with their mothers, here am I doing all round to make sure you and your brothers live well,and we still have people who think I have committed an abomination for taking care of my kids and playing my role as a father and a very good one at that.”

This is not an excuse for anyone reading this, I won’t wish my enemy to be in my shoes because I have to live with emotions of three different women (happy/sad).

“This has taught me more patience, makes me double up the hustle to give all my Three kids a happy life and that’s my priority now and I don’t think there is a better way for a father to act.”

“My daughter you will become a better woman from the way you talk and how energetic you are I have no doubt you will make a big sister to your brothers and will always make me proud in everything in life.”

“You will excel in your academics, and when you grow old enough to read this, one thing is important and that is people will always want to confine you to live a certain way while covering their own sin to make your look so bad.”

“Everyone reading this has something they are hiding and will sit on social media to troll others and that’s the sad world we live in now where we cover up our own and talk about others.”

“One thing you took from me is, we don’t like food.”

“Your emotions grew right alongside you this year. While they are big and overwhelming at times, they are letting us get an even bigger sneak peek into the person you are”.

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