Ubi Franklin impregnates Sandra Iheuwa set to welcome 4th child.


A young lady,named  Sandra Iheuwa has claimed that she’s pregnant and expecting a baby for 33-year-old music executive, Ubi Franklin.

Sandra who is a US-based Nigerian serial entrepreneur (according to her on  Instagram profile) and a single mum of two claimed she was actually expecting a set of twins for him but she lost one of them early March.

She went on to say that she has been living in Ubi’s house that she will be  leaving the country anytime from now to the US to welcome their child. Sandra claimed they have been in a secret relationship for a while.

If these claim is  true, this will be the triplemg boss’ fourth child from the fourth woman. He has a girl named Zaneta from a US-based woman. His second named  Jayden is from his ex-wife and actress Lilian Esoro. His third is from his former worker a South African lady named Nicola Siyo and now another child with Sandra.

Ubi and his fourth child.

TBoss got slammed for hanging out with Ubi Franklin day after his official divorce a quick glance at Ubi’s Instagram page and we seen he has a deep quote up which says: ”most of the enemy you have are people you once helped in life”.

Is Ubi trying to tell us in parable something we need to know?

Just recently, the father of 3 was listed amongst 100 most influential young Africans.