Tyler Perry becomes the first african to build the biggest studio in atlanta


The Actor and filmmaker, Tyler Perry, who is also the founder of the American film production studio in Atlanta, Georgia broke history, by being the first African American to independently build one of the largest studios in the world.

The studio is located in Atlanta, and the acreage exceeds that of Warner Bros, Paramount and Walt Disney’s Hollywood lots combined.

In his reaction to the news of Georgia’s abortion-restricting “Heartbeat Bill,” Tyler said he came to Atlanta years back and has struggled to be a successful African man, even without a home. According to him, he was inspired when he saw Africans making it in Atlanta and he said “This is what I tell people, exposure is so important. If you see it, that means you can do it”

The Hollywood actor said that when he got to Atlanta, he saw something, and something vibrated in him that he thought, ‘This is where you need to be.’

“So to see all of this happening and know that that moment was right, that was my God’s voice leading me here, that’s been really phenomenal,” he added