Two students ran off after been caught having sex


Two youngsters have been caught having sex in a pathway at night. The young guy and the young lady never knew some people were looking at them as they enjoyed themselves.

Personally, I don’t see any reason a man who have a house should go to such place in order to make love. Whenever I see such news or video, what comes up to my mind is that do t they have a house or a room, at least for that purpose.

However, one of their viewers mistakenly created a notice and this alerted them. Following this, the guy immediately stood up, packed his clothes and took off from the scene

The lady on the other hand was a little bit sluggish but also she took off after packing her clothes from the scene.

Voices can be heard probably from the people recording the video as they abuse the young guy and also abused his man hood.

Even despite the abuse, the two young people did not reply. However, the lady gave a kind of angry look at the people but even at that, they (the viewers) didn’t abuse her.