Two beautiful sisters who are married to the oba of benin


The position of the number one traditional ruler in the Benin Kingdom comes with immense political power, influence and economic resources which could be reflected in the number of wives the king has.  The Oba of Benin like many other prominent kings gets what ever he wants at his beck and call.  Amongst the riches and galore that comes along side being a king in the Benin kingdom. The King  is also surrounded by gorgeous women.  The king who have 5 wives, and within these women are two beautiful sisters who are both in a polygamous marriage with Oba of Benin.

They are two sisters are from the same parents and both from Benin City the capital of Edo State. The marriage was approved by both parents and their father to the Queens is the manager of oba akenzua cultural complex.

It was gathered, one of the girls paid a visit to her sister that was first married to the palace, and then caught the attention of the king.  Coincidentally, he was officially presented with the staff of office as Oba of Benin on his 63rd birthday on 20th October, 2016 while the two girls are under 20s.

Ewuare II as he is rightly called  was born October 20, 1953 was crowned the Oba of Benin on 20 October 2016. He is the 40th Oba, a title created for the Head of State (Emperor) of the Benin Empire at some time between 1180 and 1300. Omo n’Oba n’Edo Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare II.

According to Ton Trend, the photo which has been making rounds around the internet has sparked mixed reactions since it was first released on social media space.

The sisters dressed traditionally in a typical queens attire were pictured somewhere inside the palace. The two beautiful sisters who are both from the same father and mother is married to The Oba of Benin

Before his coronation, the Oba had about three wives, interestingly, two days prior to the grand coronation ceremony, He chose a name he will be called when he is finally crowned and chose his 4th and 5th virgin brides who eventually was crown Queens of the Benin Kingdom as at then.

It would be recalled that at the coronation of the 40th Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, three gorgeous women beautifully decked in the royal Benin costume were right beside him and they are his wives. The new Oba of Benin is married to three wives; Princess Iroghama (Obazuaye N’erie), Princess Iyayiota (Obazuwa Nerie) and Princess Ikpakpa ( Ohe N’erie).

The Obadagbonyi of Benin Kingdom, Chief Osagie Utetenegiagbe, announced the titles to the ecstatic crowd after a colorful cultural display. Also, as part of the activities that ushered the Oba into his throne, he took delivery of his brand new 2016 customised Rolls Royce Phantom.

The car was launched at a thanksgiving ceremony which took place at Holy Arousa Cathedral, Benin City. The wonder on wheels is worth a staggering 460,000 dollars, which is about 200 million naira. The Oba also moved into a massive mansion which will serve as his official residence. The number plates of the vehicle have his name and emblem drawn on them in gold.