Twitter users rain curses on a guy who bullied a lady with scars (photos)


Sierra Leonean twitter user @MuctarrKamara15 had the worst experience of his life on the micro blogging platform when he made an unsavoury comments about a lady who shared photos of herself, admiring her scars.

@KaraboTebedi, a South African young lady seemed to have hidden herself from the world because of her scars. In a bid to regain her self esteem, she shared a picture of herself feeling happy, irrespective of her condition. It was not long until the Sierra Leonean came in with a nasty comment.

It’s clear he intended to be famous but ended up becoming a nuisance.

Twitter ” Avengers ” trooped in to deal with him mercilessly under his comment. They rained insults and heap of curses on him. As if it’s not enough, they moved to his timeline to rain more insult under a picture of himself he shared.