Twitter react as WurlD claims “Blow my mind wasn’t Davido’s song


A controversial post was made by WurlD stating that the only connections between “Trobul and Blow my mind” by Davido is the fact that they both written by Sadiq no producer stole from each other.

“Blow my mind” was sang by Davido while “Trobul” was sung by WurlD, It was gathered that both songs were written by the same songwriter “Sadiq” but both tracks were produced by different producers.

Sarz produced blow my mind for sadiq and he later gave the song to Davido nd it was produce by shizzi.

Now here is the question, So why didn’t Sadiq sing “blow my mind” after writing it? Now I can only keep imagining.

A twitter user replied on the tweet by saying:

Didnt you hear original sadiq in the intro to the song before they chopped that part off cos people knew straight away that voice can only be sadiqs voice and people started to wonder what sadiqs voice was doing in a song of davido ft brown..

See tweet below;

I want to ask this question, does it mean that Davido can’t write a single song for by him self? Must they write songs for him?

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