TV host Laura Daniel apologises to New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern for baking a disturbing cake in her likeness (Photos)


New Zealand TV host and Comedian Laura Daniel has offered her apology to the country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern after attempting to bake a cake in her likeness and ended up producing a calamitous result.

During the latest episode of the current affairs show on TVNZ 1, the comedian challenged journalist Hilary Barry to a baking competition on live TV.

After the competition which lasted for 120 minutes was over, Laura who tried to make a cake of Jacinda Ardern took to Instagram to show off her calamitous result and to also apologise to the prime minister for the disturbing cake.

She wrote: “They say don’t bake your Heroes. But I wanted to try anyway.
I’m deeply sorry @jacindaardern I truly tried my best with what I had available… it’s made from another NZ icon lolly cake….”