Tunde Ednut crys Out,You Wont Believe The Car That Got people talking in Nigeria


Nigeria country of money but in there citizens are suffering every blessed Day, people are dying for hunger too,what a shame in this country.

How come a rich man can afford what’s seems unaffordable to majority of us who are dying in the street.

Our politician in Nigeria are playing us hard, Tundeheadnut waste no time to share the pics of the Bugatti which he extracted from Twitter.

“Bugatti that worth $4.8 million that’s (N1.7 Billion Nigeria Naira) as seen in Nigeria. I wonder who has it” Mr. Tunde wasn’t even sure as he says “Maybe is owned by an artist in Nigeria”.

It’s never over until it’s over. We have nothing to say than to congratulate whoever is the owner.

More but, they should remember the dying people in Nigeria streets.

What’s your take on this? Let’s hear from you.