Truck collapses on a car, smashes victim beyond recognition-LAGOS


An accident has just occurred at Mile 2, Amuo-odofin Local Government of Lagos State where a container fell on a car claiming the life of  the driver together with the car leaving the boss at the back sear alive.

According to reports, the name of the driver was given as Mr Taofeek and he has since been buried around 4 pm yesterday.

Mile 2 road has been in the news recently and this is due to the neglect of the road by both the state and the federal government. Tanker drivers have turned this once peaceful abode into their parking space which endangers the lives of people around this axis, especially what is seen in this place. Most times these containers do not have enough safety measures, some are not properly seated to the base of the vehicle.

More Information on the cause of the accident is currently being investigated