TROUBLE!!! See The Shocking Thing A Married Woman Is Going through after Having s ex With An Old Friend


A woman has confessed how a passionate s*x with an old friend is about to ruin her marriage.

According to a story shared by Deidre, a woman needs help on what decision to make after sleeping with another man who gave her a good s*x in bed.

I am having a steamy affair with an old friend but I’m worried that our friends-with-benefits relationship is heading into dangerous territory.

I am 32 and have been married for five years. My husband is 34 — he’s a good guy but I realise now we’ve never been right for one another sexually.

I bumped into this old friend at a charity quiz night six months ago. We ended up in bed together when we were in our teens, but it was at a party and we’d both been drinking. It didn’t lead to anything.

I hadn’t seen him for a while even though we’ve always been close. He is 33 now, looked great and was really pleased to see me. We had a chat and he suggested we meet for a coffee sometime.

I know he isn’t really a relationship type of guy but he texted a few days later to ask if we could have that coffee. We arranged to meet in town and I went back to his flat as he was dying to show me where he was living.

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