Trouble just follows me around – Actress Moyo Lawal dares her haters with new saucy selfies


Regardless of the mood this lady could be going through, one thing is usually constant with her – no dose of dull moment. Moyo Lawal is one Nigerian lady who keeps it genuine & real not just with her peers but the fans as well. Needless to even say that she likes to attract controversial thoughts anytime everytime, and her latest scintillating selfies seem to confirm that her notorious ways are back after a short hiatus due to the just concluded Ramadhan fasting.

The pretty actress shares on her Instagram page some sizzling snapshots of herself in-order to resume her normal nonchalant mood, now that fasting is over!

Before now, the Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal had reteirated that she only wanted the Ramadhan fasting for Muslims to end, and that afterwards she resumes her naughtiness once again. True to her words, she has already begun ‘normal schedule’ of her racy contents and her new round of snapshots are quite exotic! Interestingly, she gave herself a new freaky name in the post’s caption.

Rocking an all-White costume with nice designer shades to complement her gorgeous looks, the plus size lady was all too happy to flaunt her curves with so much passion.

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Moyo Lawal captioned the Instagram post, “M•O•Y•O•B•U•G•A•T•T•I …. you know, I never mean to trouble no one , but you see trouble just follows me ••• Literally!! 😊…. …… …… Your favorite troublemaker …. …. #moyoorfierce …. #ML #moyobugatti”

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