Trouble in Paradise: Moyo Lawal drags those slamming Single mothers on Instagram

Actress Moyo Lawal

Nollywood actress and internet sensation Moyo Lawal has blown hot over the issue of attacks directed to single mothers and this is a classic example of hell being let loose.

Earlier there was a post from a Twitter user who was of the opinion that no man should settle with single mothers stating that no one should pay for their mistakes.

This statement has welcomed reactions and criticisims online with some agreeing with him while others are on the defensive.

Moyo Lawal in a post on her Instagram has suggested that she is not finding the attacks funny as she has slammed the critics.

See post below,

Here’s what she wrote,

“Seriously we need to learn there are boundaries for trolling, let us not let social media make us forget ….. We are first and foremost *Human Beings * …… …. Yes , some women are truly promiscuous but most women are not , and we need to learn to respect that ……. ……. Troll them , but haba , why extend it to family,

what is wrong with you people ???”