Triple H hints at Rhonda Rousey’s WWE return after claiming UFC icon is an expert in pushing buttons


The former RAW women’s Champion made the high profile switch from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling in 2018 . She later quit and ruled out a full time return to the wrestling ring , as she slated the F********* ungrateful fans for her decision.

Her comments attracted huge criticism from the WWE sphere including from wrestlers Lana and Alexa Bliss as well as ring legend Booka T .

But WWE legend and executive Vice President of global talent strategy and development, Triple H hinted that the remarks could be an elaborate beginning to set up Rousey return to the ring.

He told CBS sport Rousey is an expert at pushing buttons .

It’s a funny thing , when you promote the fight , whether boxing or MMA , part of your job is to fight and the other part is to promote fights .