Trending video: I don dey Europe for 2 years and I never still make am – Man who sleeps in bush

A Nigerian man has lamented about the challenges and struggles of living in Europe years after leaving Nigeria.

He said he’s been abroad for two years and he’s yet to succeed or find a decent job and accommodation.

A trending video shows the man lying down in a makeshift wooden covered tent, saying he was homeless and sleeps inside the bush.

He, however, juxtaposed his current situation with his future prospects, saying that now he’s suffering nobody remembers him or is thinking of helping him but when he succeeds, relatives will start asking him to send money.

He showed the deplorable state of the place he and a friend were calling their house and stressed to the unbelievers that he was in Europe not Africa.

The young man expressed hope that he will make money and asked people to give him one year to change his life.

Watch the video:

Read some comments below…

gylliananthonette; To all those abroad, we in nigeria know its not easy you left Nigeria in search of greener pastures, May God make everywhere green for you..we love you guys. I know everyone wants to japa but have skills and plans before you do..also pray for grace too and please go the legal route

officialdorine22; Come back, Let another person try. Everyone get em own grace

kaydeejay_nikkay; If u check well he fit be illegal immigrant, so no work permit

temimine_tm; No place easy but I have a strong feeling someone reading this will own a house this year, 🙏🏿 if you believe claim it and also wish me well 👏

iam_rasz; In 2017 I was homeless in diaspora for 1 year.. To anybody out there going thru hard times, just know this, “It Shall end praise “..💯

diva_uju; Sometimes, some of this brother have something doing here,but they just one run commot

eugene2020; Person wey no go school, no get cert or any handwork. Why you go Europe😂. We are responsible for our decisions.

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