Transcorp Hilton Abuja’s PR manager, Shola Adeyemo’s wife, Olayimika celebrates


January is indeed a very month in the home of Shola Adeyemo, the unassuming Public Relations, PR manager/marketing manager of Transcorp Hilton hotel, in Abuja, the nation’s capital city. Shola and his beautiful wife, Olayimika both shared the same birth month. Expectedly it’s a month of non-stop merriment in the household of the Adeyemos.

First to kick off the celebrations was the perfect gentleman, Shola who clocked a year older on January 2020. The Transcorp man, Shola known for his simple lifestyle didn’t throw any lavish party to celebrate his birthday. He was simply treated to a low-key celebration by his colleagues at Transcorp Hilton.

Again, the woman after Shola’s heart, Olayimika turned a year older in style. Trust the lover boy not to allow the day slip by without showering encomiums on his support system.The lover boy, Shola took to his instagram to express his love for Olayimika on her special day. He said ‘Twinkle Mega Star, my #tomatoesjos! It’s a day to celebrate and thank you for being a gracious wife, companion and friend. I pray the Lord fills you with so much peace and joy that overflow into those around you. Continue to grow strong in the fullness of God’s grace. Happy birthday darling and welcome to your year of unprecedented exploits.Beautiful Olayimika is the brain behind Twinkle Clothing Co., a popular Abuja clothing brand located in Wuye district of the FCT, Abuja.