Trainee pilot left scared and forced to fly for two hours before crash-landing after wheels of airplane falls off mid-air


A light aircraft, the Cessna 152 aircraft, that belonged to the Kenya school of flying had to be flown continuosly for two hours by a trainee pilot after the wheels of the aircraft mysteriously fell off while mid-air.

The trainee pilot was forced to fly for two-hours to exhaust its fuel so it wouldn’t explode while landing, before it crash landed at the Malindi International Airport on Monday.

Malindi airport manager Mohammed Karama reacting on the incident said:

“The control tower noticed that its fore wheel was missing while mid-air and the pilot was advised to fly for two hours due to security reasons,”

Mr Karama said that the aircraft had only a male pilot who is undertaking aviation studies as the only occupant.

“He crash-landed but he did not suffer injuries, although he was taken to the hospital together with his tutor who was directing him while mid-air for psychological counselling due to trauma,” he said.

However, he said the aircraft and the runway was damaged.

“The cause of the accident will be established by aviation investigators,” he said, adding that the incident happened when the airspace was not busy and it therefore did not disrupt the normal operation.