Tragedy strikes Nollywood as Olu Jacob reportedly dies at 82

Veteran Nollywood actor Olu Jacobs just passed away at the age of eighty-two, and this news was made known to the public by one Obaksolo, who took to Instagram to mourn the legendary actor.

Olu Jacobs had a lifetime full of achievements, and he was one of the most well respected actors of his time.

From the 80’s, down to his old age, Olu Jacobs dominated the Nigerian movie scene, with his unique acting prowess, and the eloquence in which he delivered his lines.

As of 2021, the raging state of the dementia that hit Olu Jacobs was revealed by his wife, and she stated that eighty-percent of the time, he wasn’t aware of what was going on.

For a mind so sharp and full of age old wisdom, Olu Jacob’s battle with dementia was a great loss to Nollywood, and the entertainment industry as a whole.

A quick juggle of the memory for some of Olu Jacobs’ finest movies on the scale of performance include; Dogs of War, Covert Operation, White Chapel, and a host of other movies.

Olu Jacobs impacted the movie industry greatly, and his death is a huge loss.

Netizens have taken to social media to express their sadness over the passing of Olu Jacobs, and here are some of the comments;

rosythrone wrote, “This is really disheartening. Half of Nollywood childhood memory is gone. RIP legend”

mightyroyal1 wrote, “He really needs the rest he fought so hard RIP legend”

deagram wrote, “I don’t know his wife personally but may God strengthen that woman for me. It’s not easy. Strong woman.”

thenurse_vee wrote, “Omo he was just holding on. RIP to the legend”

jacob_rebeiro wrote, “He must have been tired due to wife maltreatment”

kelvin_kertz wrote, “May the Good Lord comfort his amazing wife that stood with him amidst all the challenges and Grant him eternal peace in heaven.”

bfoursignaturehairs wrote, “He put in a good fight! Rest in peace legend”

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