Top Malaysia government officials to sacrifice 2 months salaries to combat Coronavirus


According to a document posted, this decision was made on 25th March in a cabinet meeting. Those affected are the Prime Minister, Ministers and Deputy ministers. They will be facing a two-month pay cut and the money will all go into the “Tabung Covid-19”.

It is said that by doing this, it can show how serious the government is in helping those affected by this Covid-19 outbreak.

This “Tabung Covid-19” was launched on 11th March and till date, it has accumulated almost RM8.5mil.

See document below;

We’ve all seen were true leaders sacrifice for the betterment of their country. Nigeria leaders will only think of themselves and their families,that’s all that matters to them. But at least, here comes a tragedy without ability to segregate between the poor, rich, old, young, religious beliefs, ethnicity, and so on.
I sincerely hope at the end of this, we learn to coexist among ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this?

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