Tontrends latest summary on coronavirus so far


Below is Tontrends latest summary of the deadly coronavirus disease.

® States of emergency have been declared in Michigan and Massachusetts, as the number of Covid-19 cases in the US passed 1000.

® The Bank of England cut its base rate by 0.5% in a move to stimulate the economy in response to the virus outbreak.

® China has reported only 24 new cases and 22 new deaths nationally, including a record low of new cases in Wuhan (13). Lockdowns have been partially lifted in the Hubei province, and key industries will be allowed to resume in Wuhan.

® Australia announced a ban on people arriving from Italy.

® Three Formula One team members in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix have been told to self-isolate as they await test results for Covid-19.

® South Korea reported 242 new cases of Covid-19.

® A Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester City has been postponed after an unspecified number of Arsenal players were told to go into self-isolation.

® Italy recorded its highest one day death toll since the outbreak began, with 168 deaths recorded in 24 hours.